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7 Words to Change Your Life

Simple words that can have significant power in your conversations with clients and real estate agents.

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Mortgage expert and Chief Customer Officer at Total Expert, Sue Woodard, recently shared her ‘7 Words to Change Your Life’ with the Motto Mortgage network at the 2019 Motto MILE Summit.

Woodard has more than 30 years in financial services and the mortgage/real estate business. Her ‘7 Words to Change Your Life’ was originally based on a sermon she heard at church that she adapted and fine-tuned to the mortgage and real estate industry. The seminar focuses on words that are simple but have significant power, such as “sorry,” “help,” “enough.”

“I think that as brokers we forget how powerful and emotionally loaded words can be for consumers since we use them every day. But words like “approval,” “money” and “home” have unique connotations that if harnessed, are extremely powerful.

“Thanks” is Woodard’s favorite word of the seven. She believes that by living life daily with a sense of gratitude, both within ourselves and with others is vital and, professionally, it can change your life.

“Life always has its challenges. But I like to focus on what we can be grateful for daily – our health, our family, our relationships, our careers. We have the unique opportunity to serve people who are going through an amazing and important period as they become homeowners. I’m grateful to be a part of that journey.”

“If you want a customer for life, you have to talk to them for life,” said Woodard. Total Expert is a mortgage specific marketing operating system, designed to help the mortgage broker and their real estate partner humanize the digital journey for the consumer, using incredible compliant co-marketing capabilities. The Motto Mortgage CRM MottoSpark, is powered by the world-class technology from Total Expert, but has its own ‘secret sauce,’ including content, campaigns, journeys, contacts, etc. MottoSpark then utilizes the intelligent automation to power the co-marketing partnerships in a way that is unique to the Motto Mortgage brand.

Woodard believes that real estate agents should be paying more attention to mortgage brokerages when looking to partner on deals. Mortgage brokers, like your local Motto Mortgage office are in a unique position to be able to offer better rates, service, products, etc. than traditional lenders, but that’s not the most important thing.

“I’ve been in the mortgage industry forever and in the past, I’ve seen a lot of real estate agents somewhat commoditize the mortgage relationship and work with whomever has the cheapest rate of the day. The best agents however, are paying attention to who is offering a true partnership with them and it’s not about money. Agents have to think about the mortgage partner who will really add value to your clients and help create that ‘customer for life’ relationship with you.”