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Budget Friendly Ways to Winterize Your Home

Here’s how to keep the cold out, the heat in, and your energy bill down.

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Homeowners across the nation are preparing for varying degrees of a cold, harsh winter. With the holiday season quickly approaching, however, there may not be much of a budget dedicated to winterization. Here’s how to keep the cold out, the heat in, and your energy bill down.

  1. Reverse ceiling fans.
    Most ceiling fans can be set to turn either direction. In warmer weather, a counter-clockwise rotation will circulate cool air. This winter, however, ensure each fan is set to turn clockwise, pushing the warm air gathered at the ceiling down and into the home.
  2. Seal air leaks.
    According to, hidden air leaks account for almost 30% of total heat lost. Spend an hour or two and just $30 re-caulking windows and doors where seals have become old or worn. Even do-it-yourself novices can save by taping large-cell bubble wrap against the inside of window panes. These cells trap the pockets of air that cool down your home.
  3. Change your heating system’s filter.
    An energy efficient heater doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to heat the house. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand, so be sure to replace or clean filters once a month during peak heating season.
  4. Invest in your thermostat.
    Install a programmable thermostat and set it to 50 or 55 degrees when you go to bed and work. This quick fix can lead to annual savings of as much as 10%, according to the Department of Energy.
  5. Lower your water heater’s temperature.
    Many homeowners unknowingly keep their water heater at the default temperature of 140 degrees fahrenheit. For a free and easy fix, drop it down to a still-comfortable 120 degrees.

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