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Refresh Your Home for Less

Budget-friendly ways to upgrade your space

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Whether you’re staging to sell or you’re over outdated trends, you’ve likely considered a home makeover. Both renovations and redecorations typically come with a hefty price tags, but any homeowner willing to put in some elbow grease can have home updates on a budget. upgrade their space without taking out a second mortgage.

How to Make Home Updates on a Budget

Do it yourself

Homeowners who complete remodels themselves experience more joy and a higher sense of accomplishment than those who go with a pro! If you have the right tools, and a get it done attitude, there’s no better way to save.

Enjoy the little things

Leave large appliances and fixtures alone! Did you know that almost half of homeowners are willing to spend over $20,000 on remodels, with kitchens and bathrooms topping their wish lists? Rerouting mechanical ductwork or plumbing will cost you both time and money. Instead, invest in the little things! Install a new toilet paper holder, towel bar and mirror. Complete the look with a stylish bath mat, shower curtain or caddy. The little things add up, and by the time you’re done no one will even notice a tired tub!

Spruce up what you already have

Breathe new life into your space! A simple couch cover, new set of throw pillows or unique legs can transform any outdated sofa. Or, if you’re on the handy side, strategically stain, paint or tile any surface in need of a facelift. Even simply swapping out handles and pulls or switching up wood tone can transform a room.

Use expensive materials sparingly

Steer clear of costly stone countertops and instead invest in a unique, high-quality backsplash. Beautifying via backsplash won’t hinder your kitchen’s function, and the eye-level position means much more impact. Plus, the smaller the surface the bigger the savings.

Make your furniture work for you

Pick out some preloved bargain pieces or make your furniture work double-time. Your local thrift store is full of hidden gems and the inventory is always rotating. The perfect piece will check both your ‘cost’ and ‘condition’ boxes. Or, select a sectional with storage to skip the bookshelf! An ottoman doubles as extra seating, light fixtures replace notoriously expensive wall art and a lift-top coffee table functions for work or play. Either way, you’ll get much more bang for your buck when you make your home updates on a budget..

Fixer-upper or recently renovated, contact a local loan originator in the Motto Mortgage network who can help make your dream of homeownership a reality.