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Season of Gratitude: What Are You Thankful For?

When we give ourselves permission to be grateful for anything and everything, we let more gratitude into our lives.

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How often at Thanksgiving dinner have you gone around the table and everyone says something they are grateful for? There is grandma thankful for her health, the cousin excited about his new job and the friend who elicits a collective “aww” from the group, after mentioning they are thankful to finally be a parent.

And then there’s that kid — the one who elicits a chuckle from the table when expressing thankfulness for a gaming console. The parents of the video game-lover smile and shrug with mild embarrassment, while making a mental note that they should spend more time one-on-one discussing what gratitude really is.

What is gratitude, exactly? According to the dictionary, it’s “a state of being grateful” or “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” It’s simple.

But as we grow up, we’re taught what socially acceptable gratitude should look like. Our health. Our family. The food we eat. Our home. When we see someone less fortunate than us, we take a moment to feel grateful for all that we have, and give back when we can.

Of course, we should be grateful for our loved ones, a roof and sustenance. But there are many other things in life to be grateful for- even if some, like the video game kid, are somewhat superficial. When we put self-imposed rules and regulations on how and why and when we should feel grateful, we allow gratitude to become a feeling associated with guilt rather than one inspired by true joy.

This Thanksgiving, let’s focus on an all-encompassing gratitude.

From our Motto Mortgage family to yours, thank you for letting us be a part of your homeownership dream.