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The Spirit of Christmas

Take a moment to remember what Christmas is all about this busy holiday season.

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Glittering gifts, roaring fireplaces, frosty windowpanes and, of course, loved ones gathered around the tree. With so many warming symbols it’s easy to be distracted by material things during the holidays. This year, take a moment amidst all the business to remember what Christmas is all about.

The true meaning of Christmas lies in creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s about savoring every moment you get to spend with loved ones and appreciating their presence in your life. While this may be easier to remember while everyone’s gathered in the living room on Christmas morning, these relationships are a driving force for many of us year round.

The Christmas spirit is in honoring old traditions as well as creating new ones. It’s about baking your great grandma’s Christmas cookies with a brand new baby on your hip, or hanging childhood decorations as a first time homeowner.

This season is about reflecting on the past and preparing for the future. It’s a bow on top of the previous year, and the exciting opening of a shiny new one. What wonderful things did you experience in 2018? How can you bring more of them into 2019?

Mostly, Christmas is about joy. It’s about feeling it within yourself and going out of your way to instill it in others. It’s not about getting gifts but, instead, giving them. The warmth we feel when giving the perfect gift, the happiness that comes from seeing a face light up, is what we should strive for all year long.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your home-ownership dream. It truly is the best gift we could ask for. From our Motto Mortgage family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas!