About Us

Motto Mortgage Advantage broker and owner Darrell Welch has been helping individuals and families navigate the mortgage process for more than 16 years. Through his experience as loan officer and manager and having weathered the highs and lows of the 2008 financial crisis, Welch has gained a deep knowledge of both sides of the mortgage industry from a managing perspective as well as the sales side. Welch has served large companies and smaller institutions, so he understands the buying power of a larger entity while also wanting to serve at his clients on a personal level. He found the Motto Mortgage model to be the most consumer-focused approach. The traditional bank model offers limited products, which may not be the best option. With Motto Mortgage Advantage and the broker model, Welch is able to shop for the best product for you and your situation. Returning to Searcy and opening Motto Mortgage Advantage has allowed Welch to continue to work in an industry he enjoys while also being near family.


NMLS# 1780592