Thank you for being part of our story!

As the owners of Motto Mortgage Approved (Kerven & Marilyn Dennis) we would like to thank you for getting to this page it means you share an interest in supporting our Franchise/Local Tampa small business. Supporting your neighbor, your friend. We are not here hiding behind the computer never to be seen. If you know Kerven he is hard to miss :) We want to meet you right here where you live to walk with you on one of the biggest purchases you will make. Please stop by our office for a coffee anytime or bagels on Friday. 

We do not want to provide you a commodity, a mortgage. We want to learn about your unique needs so that we can provide personal advice and then build a trusted relationship for life. If in some small way we can help you have a better life, reduce your cost of homeownership, reduce the stress, share some Tampa stories about how great our city is then I think we will be on the way to a long term friendship. That is our goal. 

We have been home loan consumers just like you. What we have learned is to SHOP. Do not rely on the one lender your realtor recommends or your bank offering. We do the shopping for you from multiple WHOLESALE lenders. #dontpayretail We can share with you a variety of offerings so you can choose. Think of us as your mainstreet lending tree. We are in person. This is a HUGE commitment one I could not imagine doing online with someone in a rocket ship. Local in a pirate ship sounds much better! 

I am an original Westchase resident circa '94, raised 3 boys in our local schools and off they went to U of Tampa / U of Florida. I am a USF grad & have always loved our community. Our service/rates you will find to be a gift..they are that low. 

If you made it this far please know we are honored you took the time to read our story.  We are so happy to give back by offering mortgage choices/refinance choices our area needed. Your loyalty and business mean the world to us, our employees, our families, our dogs & our rabbit:) 


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