Nov 28, 2023

5 Unconventional Color Schemes for Unique Holiday Decor

The holiday season is fast approaching! Are you feeling blue thinking about unstringing last year’s tangled lights? Or green with envy of your neighbor’s killer setup? Well, stop in your tracks! We want you tickled pink as you tie a bow on this year’s unique holiday decor. 

But where to begin? It’s so easy to default to red and green. After all, it’s a color scheme we see everywhere, every year. 

This year, why not try something a little bit different? After all, there are so many more colors on the color wheel! From rosy pinks to brilliant golds. With a new color scheme, your home decor could be the talk of the town.  

So, here are our top five picks for unconventional color schemes in holiday decor this year: 

Black and White Baubles

This combo has become more popular with the rise of minimalism, but it’s still a unique holiday decor choice. It’s simple, classy, and easily achievable. You might not even need to go out shopping. A little spray paint and last year’s decor could be looking brand-spankin’ new. 

Now, for the why: Black and white are great at evoking a sense of nostalgia. Think black and white photos as precious keepsakes. They’re also great neutrals if you ever decide you’d like to add an accent color to future holiday setups. 

A few ideas you could incorporate might include:  

  • Minimalist, black and white house figurines 
  • A white faux Christmas tree with stark black ornaments and tree garlands 
  • Line or silhouette wall art, perhaps of a snowflake or reindeer 
  • Black and white photos from holidays past 
  • Monochromatic gift wrap and bows 
  • Natural, black and white materials like faux furs or feathers 
  • Cozy, black and white plaid pillows or blankets 
  • Black, iron dreidels 

Pink and Ivory Holiday Decor

Pink has become a fashionable, unique home decor choice over the past few years. Just take a look at the rise of Millennial Pink! 

And as it turns out, it’s not just for springtime anymore. Pink is considered a calming color and it’s usually associated with love and kindness. So, this year, make your holiday decor that much more rosy with a special pink and ivory color scheme. 

A few ideas you could incorporate might include:  

  • A pink and ivory knit throw blanket, complete with traditional sweater print 
  • Pink ombre bottle brush trees 
  • Peppermint-themed decor, like garlands or wreaths 
  • Blush tree ornaments 
  • Pink knit stockings 
  • White and pink-clad Santa figurines 

Blue and White Wonderland 

Consider this one the winter wonderland color scheme, because these two shades are certainly seasonally appropriate! Blue and white or blue and silver are popular colors for Hannukah decor, but homeowners of all religions should take note. 

Blue represents peace, depth, and spirituality. And when paired with a clean, snow white, this scheme is a slam dunk.  

A few ideas you could incorporate might include:  

  • Toile or chinoiserie prints, perhaps on tableware, tablecloths, or other decorative accents 
  • Snowflake-themed ornaments 
  • Blue and white knit accents, like throw pillows or blankets 
  • Blue and white dreidels 
  • Ombre candles 
  • Beaded garlands 
  • Fake snow, perhaps on the windows or around the tree on Christmas morning 
  • Wall art featuring nighttime winter scenes 

Unique holiday decor in blue and white on an evergreen tree with a snowflake garland in the background

Silver and Gold Decorations

Come on, you know the song! “Silver and gold, silver and gold”  

Metallics are, of course, associated with precious metals. This means they give an air of richness and prosperity. Basically, silver and gold can make your holiday decor look instantly luxe and polished.  

No, you don’t have to drench your whole living room in liquid gold. Just a couple of thoughtful touches will add a little shine to your unique holiday decor. 

A few ideas you could incorporate might include:  

  • Silver tree tinsel 
  • Vintage or antique brass jingle bells 
  • A metallic, star-shaped tree topper 
  • A traditional, pure gold menorah 
  • Metallic tree ornaments (bonus points for glitter!) 
  • Silver or gold tablescaping materials, like cutlery or charger plates 
  • Metal-dipped mistletoe 

A Rainbow of Decor

When in doubt, why not just use all the colors of the rainbow? 

Rainbow color schemes are considered fun, playful, and free. Rainbows themselves symbolize hope, beauty, and love. 

And the best part? With such a colorful approach, you don’t necessarily need to pick and choose. You can have the best of all worlds when it comes to unique holiday decor! 

A few ideas you could incorporate might include:  

  • A multicolored faux tree 
  • Rainbow bottle brush trees or holiday village figurines 
  • Colorful Kwanzaa garlands 
  • Ornament bulbs in all the colors of the rainbow 
  • Multicolored tree lights 
  • Multicolored Hannukah candles 
  • A plate of colorful holiday cookies, used as a centerpiece (or eaten immediately... your choice) 

Colorful, Unique Holiday Decor 

So, which color scheme tickled you pink? Whatever your preference, just remember that you’re not limited to red and green! 

Great, unique holiday decor should reflect you, your family, and your home. Incorporate your favorite colors or choose something new and bold to try. Then, enjoy the fruits of your labor with a very colorful holiday season! 

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