Tracey Strube Interview with Dan Ortiz

As Joyce Meyer once said, “small beginnings are the launching pad to great endings.” For Tracey Strube, Managing Broker of downtown St. Petersburg’s RE/MAX Metro, this saying rings true!


Tracey was born and raised in Worthington Springs, the smallest county in all of Florida. While in high school, she did everything from flag core to tennis; you name the club and she was in it! Dean Castles, the high school’s band director, became her mentor early on. He taught her to take pride in her efforts and to “give it her all.” As she grew into adulthood, these lessons stuck with her. 

Although Tracey has been in real estate since the year 2000, it wasn’t always her dream job. Originally, she studied to be a school teacher. After finishing college, Tracey’s mother asked if she’d ever considered real estate as a career. That was all it took to get her hooked! Tracey started working towards her real estate license the following week. By 2006, she became a broker in Naples, Florida. “You have to get out there and really work hard,” Tracey said.


“You have to get out there and really work hard.”


Now, Tracey is a member of the leadership team at RE/MAX Metro! In addition to being the Vice President of Broker Operations, she works with the other leaders to help agents build success. However, this often goes beyond the agents’ real estate needs. Tracey views her role as an aid for both business and personal life. She understands the complexity of working in real estate in addition to the stressors of daily life. “You’re constantly helping them through a transaction [or] something in their personal world - a lot of things come into play.”

Because of this mindset, Tracey Strube is viewed as one of the best in the business. She works to create an environment where people feel valued and important. To experience this authenticity and dedication first hand, call RE/MAX Metro today!