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2018 Trends in Home Design

What’s desirable and what’s retire-able

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What’s smart, green and tiny? No, it’s not a gecko.

Rather, these are just a few of the terms used to describe what will be hot (or not) in home design this year. Whether you’re prepping your home to sell, remodeling, or shopping for a new home that DOESN’T need a complete renovation, there’s a lot to know about what’s desirable and what’s retire-able. 

Keep your head from spinning by checking out this roundup of hot home design features for 2018. Analyses from top designers, builders and architects have been considered and are represented here.

1. Doors, Floors and Fixtures 

Hardwood floors 

Hardwood floors are still – and probably always will be – at the top of the list for home buyers and remodelers, with a few caveats for 2018:

  • Bigger is better. Large-plank wood or wood-look floors make a space look large and are easier to clean.
  • Opt for lighter woods, but not bamboo, as it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear.  
  • Use restraint with reclaimed wood. A little goes a long way. 


Granite will always be a staple, but if you’re given the choice, choose quartz.


Don’t worry, this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Botanicals, marbles and grays are sophisticated and fresh for 2018.


Choose graphic shapes, as well as iridescent, metallic and pearlized finishes.

Mixed metals

Silver, brass, chrome and copper are all hot for 2018. And there’s no need to make your whole house match; indulge your fancy and mix it up. 

Stone sinks and troughs

Traditional porcelain is a perennial classic, but stone sinks and trough sinks are the new direction. Trough or bucket sinks tend to be wider and deeper, so they’re a good choice for children’s shared bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

Two-tone and bleached cabinets

Choose a light wood for kitchen cabinets, such as bamboo, birch, oak or maple. 

Unique doors 

For a big first impression, start with an amazing front door.

Statement tile

Skip the traditional white subway tile. Instead, opt for texture, color, pattern and unique design. This look works well for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry room.

2. Color and Sheen

  • Bold colors including red, hunter green and all shades of blue are in demand. And don’t be surprised if you’re seeing purple, as Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 color of the year.
  • High-gloss lacquers: Put it on walls or, if that’s too scary, on doors, shutters and furniture.

3. Still In

  • Black finishes, fixtures and furnishings
  • Separate dining rooms
  • Flexible space that can serve as an office, party room, kids’ playroom or craft room 
  • Minimalism

Here’s wishing you happy homeownership in 2018! If you have questions about financing a home, find a Motto Mortgage office near you.