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Life to Fit your Style: 4 Factors to Consider when Searching for a Home

By considering these four factors, you might just find that quality wins over quantity when it comes to home-happiness

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One of the first questions buyers often ask themselves when they begin looking for a home is “How much home can I afford?” But for many homebuyers, that question is taking a backseat to a more practical approach – Millennials homebuyers, in particular, are considering lifestyle preferences and needs oversize.

So, what are the top lifestyle factors you should take into consideration when searching for a home?  Here are four to put at the top of your list: 

1.    Does the neighborhood fit my lifestyle? 

When you’re buying a home, you’re not just buying the house. You’re also buying into the neighborhood. Whenever possible, take time to explore the area, talk to your potential neighbors, and make sure you’ll be comfortable there. If you’re looking for a bustling night life, you may want to stay away from quiet suburban neighborhoods. Likewise, if you’re hoping for tranquil nights and lots of open space, you might want to stay away from urban centers. 

2.    Will I be close to the things I need?

If you rely on public transit to get to work, make sure your prospective new home is close enough to a station or bus stop for you to make the commute. Those who own cars should know where they’ll be parking the vehicle, as well as whether they’ll need to pay any additional fees for parking. For buyers with children, consider what schools are closest and how the little ones will be getting there. 

3.    Is the home pet-friendly? 

Pet owners probably want to make sure a new home has necessary amenities, like a fenced in yard that furry companions can explore and play in. You should also check to see if there is a home owner’s association in the neighborhood, and if so, if there are any restrictions on pets. 

4.    What services are available? 

In many rural parts of the United States, access to high speed Internet and other services are limited, so make sure you aren’t caught off guard by these constraints.

By considering these four factors, you might just find that quality wins over quantity when it comes to home-happiness.

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