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2019 Trends in Home Design

What’s desirable and what’s retire-able in the world of decor.

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While certain styles from 2018 survived the turn of a new year, 2019 kicked off with it’s own slew of unique, exciting and truly ‘in’ trends. Whether you’re shopping, renovating or simply daydreaming, here’s what’s desirable and what’s retire-able this year.

Investment in the future will never go out of style! With a continued focus on the environment, saving money and creating a nontoxic home, sustainability remains at the forefront of homebuyer ‘wants. Whether purchasing handcrafted furniture made from upcycled wood or installing LED lights, the focus remains on green in 2019.


Speaking of green, color is one of the biggest trends for 2019. Kick those monochromatic palettes and, instead, opt for thoughtful touches of color throughout. Play around with your favorite hues, and not just as a throw pillow afterthought. You may find your home’s personality isn’t confined to shades of gray!

Intentional Art

We’re also expecting some personality in the art department. Instead of choosing artwork based on a preexisting color scheme, think about what you’d love to see hanging on your walls. What kind of print makes you happy? Is there a pattern you’ve admired but never had the guts to try? If you structure the room around a piece you truly love, the rest will simply fall into place.

Statement light fixtures

Light fixtures have been having a moment, and it’s only going to grow in 2019. These are some of the easiest and least expensive accessories to install, with the added benefit of instant personality. Even renters can replace builder grade with unique. Hang on to the originals, reinstall before move out, and bring the new bling to your next place. To stay on trend, just remember to opt for subtle, more natural light.

Closed floor plans

Say goodbye to the kitchen/dining room combo and hello to family dinners! Designated rooms can give you the slight nudge needed to sit down and break bread with the people you care about the most. This may be our favorite 2019 trend, because separate rooms but much more togetherness is on the horizon.

Whether ‘in’, ‘out’ or somewhere in between, what’s important is solely that the decor makes your home feel like yours.

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