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Daylight Savings Time - How to Use That Extra Hour

Whether cleaning, painting or prepping, here’s how to make the most of that extra hour of sunshine.

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The coldest days of winter are drawing to a close and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With warming weather and longer days, it’s time to ‘spring forward!’ Here are a few ideas on how to utilize that extra hour of daylight.

Check gutters

As the weather warms and spring showers turn to downpours, gutters are more important than ever. Clear gutters and downspouts of snow, ice and debris. Then, run a house up to the roof and monitor each point of runoff. Fix any gutters or downspouts that may have pulled away from your home’s foundation.

Help the green grass grow

Your lawn and garden may be a little worse for the wear. Be sure to rake up any leaves, branches and debris that may have been left last fall as they could damage the grass beneath them. If your climate permits and the ground has thawed, start preparing garden beds for new plants. Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to buyers, and flowers can certainly help in this department.

Spruce up with a fresh coat of paint

Touch up your existing color or celebrate the arrival of spring with a brand new one. It’s no secret that color can affect your home’s selling price, so tackle the whole exterior, just the trim or even simply the front door.

Get a head start on spring cleaning

Something about budding flowers and warm, spring days makes you want to give the whole home a fresh start. Begin by clearing clutter, then go through each individual room. Don’t forget these often overlooked places, either.

Prep the backyard

Whether repairing the tree house or cleaning the pool, a little elbow grease now will yield a lot of fun once school gets out. Lay the groundwork for these upcoming fun, and safe, summer months.


As the busy summer homebuying season approaches, many future owners are likely nearing the end of their homebuying timeline. Take the warming weather as an opportunity to hit the pavement and visit potential neighborhoods and homes, or give that offer letter a final once-over.

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