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Refresh Your Home for Spring

From planting flowers to painting, give your house new life this spring.

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Warmer weather has homeowners across the country clearing, decluttering and spring cleaning. But what about exteriors? If you’d like to enhance the beauty and function of your home so the whole neighborhood can see, here’s how to refresh your exterior this spring.

Upgrade your address numbers

The one thing all visitors are guaranteed to zero in on is your house number. Make a stellar first impression by replacing old, rusted plaques with fresh, clean ones. Many simply screw into your home’s exterior, so all you’ll need is some new hardware and a trusty screwdriver.

Repair pavers

Loose, cracked or chipped pavers are both unsightly and unsafe. Harsh weather like rain and snow can wreak havoc on stone, so spring is the perfect time to install replacements. Check each stone for signs of wear and tear, marking damaged pavers with a marker. Remove each faulty stone, even out the foundation and tamp it down firmly. Finish by laying new pavers and sealing edges with sand.

Patch the driveway

Constant temperature fluctuations in colder climates can similarly damage the structure of your driveway as well as the ground underneath. Minuscule surface cracks appear, allowing moisture to seep in, expand and cause more damage. As these cracks are likely larger scale, you can DIY or call in an expert.

Clean the gutters

Spring showers make a clear gutter more important than ever. Gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves, twigs and debris could house rodents and mold, or even cause severe water damage. Spring cleaning your gutters is simple, and can take an hour or less.

Add outdoor lighting

Barbecues and patio parties are fast approaching, so prep your home for long summer nights with sufficient lighting. String lights, torches and in-ground fixtures are popular and, in the spirit of sustainability, there are many solar and LED options to choose from.

Plant flowers

As flowers are one of the most powerful tools in increasing curb appeal, and one of the biggest indicators of spring, spend some time tending to the garden. Create a color palette, highlight your favorite features and keep seasonal weather in mind.

Power wash

Don’t forget to spring clean the exterior! Grab a power washer or simple garden hose for an easy and inexpensive refresh. Siding, steps and pathways will sparkle in the sun when freed of dirt, road salt and cobwebs.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Color is one of the biggest trends for 2019, so don’t be afraid to go bold. It doesn’t have to be a massive project either. A fresh coat of paint on the front door or shutters can give any home new life!

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